Language removal errors

Upon removing a language (deselecting it and saving) from: Forris > Updater:

I receive an e-mail stating the following for DE (in this case, but I received one for CS too when I deselected and saved that one in a second go):

Error notifications

Updater failed: Failed operations:
foris-diagnostics-plugin-l10n-de/postrm: + [ -n ]

foris-openvpn-plugin-l10n-de/postrm: + [ -n ]

foris-tls-plugin-l10n-de/postrm: + [ -n ]

Update notifications

• Removed package foris-tls-plugin-l10n-de
• Removed package foris-diagnostics-plugin-l10n-de
• Removed package foris-openvpn-plugin-l10n-de
• Removed package foris-l10n-de

Can someone elaborate on what is happening here (especially the first part about the error notifications)?

Will this operation leave files behind (creating a mess over time) and/or anything else I should worry about due to the errors?

The question is: Do you have installed update 3.7.1?

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That does sound promising!

I believe I have. At least this is what the Forris web-interface tells me:

However, my Omnia still sends/shows me the error notifications:

  • Maybe the bug is not (completely) fixed yet?

  • Or maybe I’m only partially upgraded? Is there a more elaborate / deep down version file somewhere (via LuCi or even CLI); e.g. update-logs?

  • Luckily @cynerd states in that same post the issue to be nearly harmless, so maybe I should just ignore it for now (if I understand him correctly it is automatically resolved after a reboot)?

Bug is in postinst script. So when old version of package is going to be removed than it does this. New version should not do it any more. You can try to select additional language again. Wait until it’s installed and than deselect it again.

And yes it’s harmless. Single thing that that script does is that it restart lighttpd, so if you want to be on the safe side just restart lighttpd or whole router. But it’s not necessary.


Once again… the Turris Omnia community scores (official team in this case)!

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