LAN ethernet ports not working after factory reset


I first went through initial setup couple of months ago. Then I disconnected omnia from network and power and forgot the password. Yesterday I did factory reset. The router doesn’t bring any of the LAN ports up after boot. The WAN port is working though. I noticed other threads with info about not working ethernet ports and there is some newer firmware with a fix/workaround. Question is, how can I flash the firmware on my omnia with that version?

But LAN ports works if you don’t have switch.
If you have switch, there’s chance 50/50 that it will work.

Here is how you can opt nightly branch.

I don’t get it. I don’t use any external switch.

The LAN ports are dead on the Omnia since factory reset. When I connect a laptop to it via any of the LAN ports it doesn’t come up. Cable is good, works fine when connected to other devices, laptop as well.

Is there a way to reflash firmware without having access to Omnia via LAN ports or wifi?

Yes, there is - Re-flash router

After another power cycle the LAN ports started to work. I reflashed it with the newest firmware anyway.