Kresd - lua script mistake?

2017-03-12T14:06:59+01:00 err kresd[5670]: error: /usr/lib/kdns_modules/predict.lua:34: 'struct rr_type' has no member named 'nil'

part of predict.lua

-- Resolve queued records and flush the queue
function predict.drain(ev)
    local deleted = 0
    for key, val in pairs(predict.queue) do
        local qtype, qname = key:match('(%S*)%s(.*)')
        worker.resolve(qname, kres.type[qtype], 1, kres.query.NO_CACHE)
        predict.queue[key] = nil
        deleted = deleted + 1
        if deleted >= predict.batch then

Thanks! This a known unfixed problem, so better move any discussion in there directly:

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