Knot resolver warning: "/etc/resolv.conf.vpn.*: file not found"


When I reload kresd (/etc/init.d/kresd reload) I always get this warning: “/etc/resolv.conf.vpn.*: file not found”.
Why is knot resolver complaining about a vpn config file? BTW, kresd reloads despite the warning.
Sometimes I get DNS leaks when my openvpn client is running. Could this be related?
Any hint on the way forward?

Update: I resolved this issue by creating a symbolic link to my vpn provider configuration (resolv.conf.vpn.ExpressVPN)


That conf file is not regular OpenVPN config file, that one is config for resolver (in this case dedicated for vpn network/interfaces). Depending on your vpn setup you might need it.

In my case i do not have it present as file and also i did not find it in any UCI config. So look around /etc/config/resolver , /etc/config/dhcp there might be entry related to that resolv.conf.vpn file :slight_smile:

Also i think that resolver service is /etc/init.d/resolver and that should dispatch kresd or any other resolver you might have configured as preffered resolver in /etc/config/resolver