Kmod-video-uvc missing, no webcam support

Hi folks,
when I try to activate “Web camera
Support to capture image with web camera.” at Updater/Package lists I just get failure notification:

Error notifications

Updater failed:
inconsistent: Package kmod-video-uvc is not available

Can I do something about that an client/omnia side?

Kind regards

I can confirm this issue. The package is not present in Omnia repo.

Yes, getting this notif every morning. Please fix it.

Beware, from my observation of updater works, when there is an error, updater stop and not update any other package.
I figured this out when I try to install usb sound card, I get this message:

Oznámení o chybách

Updater selhal:
inconsistent: Package pulseaudio is not available

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The question is: It’s bug or feature? :slight_smile:

Is support addressing this issue shortly? My webcam is on its way to me, and I intend to connect it to omnia when it arrives. Thanks.

The inconsistent messages from updater are caused by not properly handling Provides from the packages. You can install them by opkg, but updater later fails on them.

pulseaudio-daemon package does have Provides: pulseaudio, but it’s simply ignored. The very same problem is with avahi-daemon and there are probably more packages using this.

Update: According to tech support, this will be most likely solved in next updater update.

Did they write you when the update should come?

It should be in next big update, I have no clue what that means though.

I’ve asked for announcement of that as in current state my device doesn’t receive any updates , I have to uninstall problematic packages first to be able to update…

I still can’t install kmod-video-uvc package, so I suppose this update (20161208) wasn’t big enough :slight_smile:

root@turris:~# opkg install kmod-video-uvc
Unknown package 'kmod-video-uvc'.
Collected errors:
 * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package kmod-video-uvc.

Please, is there any update regarding this issue? Or workaround?

Thank you

Any updates? Why is the kmod-usb-uvc missing?


please, are there any updates for this issue?

Thank you