Just a few comments/questions on "NOOB's on OMNIA routers" (Like ME)

Hi All
I have several questions.

I am not a complete NOOB, in that I have had a lot of experience in UNIX and some experience with Linux. I do find OPENWRT is a lighter of the above mentioned. I am not finding any real good WIKI’s or documentation in this area. What does OPENWRT lack or was taken out in relation to LUNIX??? I could use some of this knowledge, point me in the right directions

I have an issue with the deployment of some specific OMNIA add-ons that were active on arrival, I simply did know about. I had very little time to work with the unit when I bought it and had to very quickly throw it into service at a remote sight 100 miles from me. Luckily it did allow most of my equipment to function. I did get static assignments and port forwarding done before I had to go.

Now I have had time to work with it a little now, and do to the help of some comments from forum groups in recent posts (year 2020 posts) I found the “Experimental extra security module” and the “SSH honey pot” were active. No detailed documentation on what they did or what port SSH was now on, and if SSH was actually even available with honey pot on.(Since SSH honey pot is now a ‘charged for’ commercial thing I don’t want that.) Why were these features turned on upon arrival, with the high possibility of user being a NOOB to OMNIA router like me. It took a lot reading (some off hand comments or off topic comments and a lot time to find these.) I uninstalled these and some weird things stopped, but I still could not SSH even locally. I had to Factory reset to get that back, and then set every thing back up. I did read one off hand/topic comment that indicated a user activated the extra security module and had it blotch things up badly and he turned it back off but his router did not fully come back. Could I still be having issues like this on my router? How do I correct it?

Who decides what is active on routers when shipping them. Could a note be sent to USE KISS. (KEEP IT SIMPLE FOR THE STUPID) on some of these more meaty apps until the NOOB’s like me get to understand how the router works first. Then I can turn them on if I like them. Lots of frustation in this one. I am fighting a NEXTCLOUD PROBLEM that might go back to the extra security module that was active when I created NEXTCLOUD.

Thanks for listening.

The honeypot is certainly free of charge and not restricted to Turris users.

there is plenty of documentation

, though perhaps none that compares your previous experience with what is provided through OpenWrt/TOS.

I agree there is likely plenty of documentation on this. However, due to the general nature of the search terms, it may be difficult to pinpoint even basic articles that cover this. It’s really a much more complicated question.

Since, in many ways, OpenWRT is a Linux distribution, I thought to search of “OpenWRT vs Debian” or “OpenWRT vs RedHat” and found precious few articles with relevant information (I didn’t see any within the first page of a DuckDuckGo search).

If there’s interest in running this as a more full-featured Linux distribution, it looks like there’s some work to get Armbian running on the MOX for sure. Omnia information wasn’t as easily found but it might be there if you dig on the Armbian forums. Another option might be DebianWRT.

Additionally, with respect to OpenWRT, a more general forum like a subreddit might be a better place to get answers on this, since this forum is focused on TurrisOS, which contains OpenWRT (mostly) but is specialized to this hardware with some extra features.