Is UPnP and Port Forwarding working?


I’ve been trying to get the port forwarding working for my CCTV now for months and I’m totally stuck. The main CCTV uses UPnP and that looks like it has been recognised by the router.

I’ve also turned on acceptance for the lower range ports as port 80 is needed.

However You Get Signal tells me that the ports are still closed.

I also have a WansView NC-541 wireless webcam which says that it only requires port 80 open. I’ve tried setting up a port forward to that with WAN 85 being mapped to port 80 on the device but this also reports that the port is closed and doesn’t work.

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.


For clarification - you want to open it from WAN side? (as attached screenshots are not from config tabs where this has to be done) but even so I would strongly recommend not to open UPnP to the Internet and use VPN instead.

While you are in LAN is CCTV working OK?


Yes. For example. I have a smartphone that I wish to use to view my CCTV cameras on whilst roaming the land. This all works just fine with my old TalkTalk (Huawei) HG635 router.

Yes, I can see all of my CCTV images just fine using local IPs.

Thanks, Martin

If someone don’t care about security and privacy then IMHO it should be done in http://X.X.X.X/cgi-bin/luci//admin/network/firewall/forwards/

Or it’s not working?

I’ve setup port forwarding, but it doesn’t seem to open the ports.

Do you have multiple port forwarding rules or just one for this purpose? If you have multiple - do other rules work and just CCTV don’t or none of them work? If just one, did you tried different port(service - ssh for example ) forward to locate where the possible issue can be?

This is the first item that I’m trying to get working through port forwarding. In order to try and diagnose the problem, I’m now working on a different router. I’ve got a different webcam to work correctly, but the CCTV still won’t work on this router either. It all used to work on this router, so I’m a bit stumped. However, I’ll report back here once I can get the CCTV working and then I can try again on the Turris.

you can try this to see if something other than CCTV will work from outside