Is this a useful insight into dhcp lease renewal issues?

Turris OS 5.1.8

Hello everyone

Like many, i have also observed some issues with dhcp lease renewal.

I just had another event. I have not dug into the logs yet (I’m actually at work right now :slight_smile: ) But I did notice this, and thought it odd:

It is. a screen shot from luci
if you look at the lease time remaining, all of the leases seem to be in groups where the time is almost identical, indicating that renewals do not happen instantaneously - when a client requests it,
but more like a timed event - all X of these clients get renewed at the same time.
Its very unlikely that these clients all started talking to my network at the same exact time (within milliseconds of each other)

In the picture: my work laptop just get a renewal. its one of those with 11h 50xxx. seconds left.
2 other devices in that list also get renewed at almost the same second.
I find this very unlikely.

similarly, there is a group of devices grouped around 7h 33m xx

Is this perhaps the result of a misconfiguration on my part?

just to add on:
what i observe is that sometimes, when a lease expires, it does not renew.
I can switch the device to the 2nd wifi radio and that will get me a new lease.

but otherwise, my device is not given a new lease - at least not before I time out and switch radios to force it.

What is especially odd, is that this behavior is not consistent. Lease renewal will work fine for days.