Is there hardware differences?

Is there hardware differences between these 2 versions? I am planning on buying one, but I just want to make sure before I buy. Having the best one, you know what I mean… :wink: I read that the 2020 only been certified by the FCC and have nothing else more than the Turris Omnia.

Thank you guys for your help!

Not really, I’d say.

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That’s what I tought!

Thank you.

I’ve bought an Omnia that doesn’t fit to the version description mentioned by @vcunat: silver case, but with TOS 3.x (still kept there). Additional info: Router came with rack mount and without WiFi antennas, S/N 51539652263. Could anyone disclose, what HW version / bootloader version I have and what command to use to display versions?

There is no command for that, you would need to open the device and look at what is printed on the board

To find the exact revision of Turris Omnia you can look on markings on PCB. In front of board on right side just behind LEDs there is code CZ11NIC**.