Is there a way to block ads from youtube?

Hi all,

Now massive ads pop up from everywhere in the youtube app(android), barely usable and I lose what I m trying to watch, very confusing. It simply tries you to click them by mistake.

The problem is that some of these ads seriously leading to the malicious sites. Is there any way to block them? I have AdBlock but not sure if it will help by blocking malicious ones.

Just as a suggestion, you could also use NewPipe on Android and have no advertising at all :wink:


if I have such a problem in Windows desktop, I look in the browser in the revision of the element and I can find in its code where the advertisement refers to. I add this address to the AdBlock blacklist. But I only use YouTube on desktop. How to get to the mobile version I have no idea
?? ??

Otherwise, as I am logged in to Youtube, I don’t have any ads.

AdBlock configuration

Status / Version enabled / 4.1.3
Blocked Domains 51 168
Active Sources adaway, adguard, android_tracking, reg_cz
DNS Backend kresd (-), /etc/kresd
Run Utils download: /usr/libexec/wget-ssl, sort: /usr/libexec/sort-coreutils, awk: /bin/busybox
Run Interfaces trigger: wan, report: br-lan
Run Directories base: /tmp, backup: /srv/adblock, report: /srv/adblock, jail: /tmp
Run Flags backup: ✔, flush: ✔, force: ✔, search: ✘, report: ✔, mail: ✘, jail: ✘

User Blacklist

Pokud odkazy reklamy jsou na doménu Youtube jako u Seznamu, pak asi řešení není :frowning:

Will add this to my adblock config.

This NewPipe app really promising, thanks for the suggestion.

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You can try Youtube Vanced for Android on yor phone and SmartubeNext on your AndroidTV. I can only recommend these two apps :slight_smile:

AdBlock on the router is useless for youtube for about 3 years at least.

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