Is there a 2 USB HDD limit?


I’ve been running 2 USB external disks for quite some time using a 4-port unpowered hub on the rear USB port. I got a third drive and plugged it in, and I can only see one of the three using blkid. When I removed one of the existing drives, I can see two again. First thought, not enough power over the hub so I bought a new externally powered USB 3.0 hub. Same problem.

Tried connecting two through a hub and adding the third to the front USB, and I can only see one of the drives (not the one I plugged into the front, one of the two from the hub that previously worked)…

Is there a limit to the number of USD drives that can be supported? Or any ideas of what else I can try? Thanks!


I have 5 HDD (3.5inch, self powered) connected to the rear USB with USB 8-port (unpowered) and everything is going very well.


Have you tried connecting the usb hub with connected drives to your pc and see if all are recognized there?


Thanks to jork & Skywalker-11.

I was able to get the all the drives to work only after changing the name of the Hostname share.