Is my WiFi card wiring correct?

Hello all together,

I was installing a WiFi card and I am not really sure if the wiring is was properly done.
Perhaps a more advanced user will be nice and have a look over, that I am not
running into problems at all, or the WiFi is plain not good working.

I was installing a Orico 256 GB mSATA, a serial cable and an AsiaRF 7915-NP1 (4x4) WiFi card. Only with the WiFi cabling I am not really sure, the rest was running well.
The two other cable running out of the picture will be for a modem and are only mounted to a SMA plug. Thanks for taking the time for me and help me building my
Turris Omnia torwards.

I believe all four antennas are dual frequency. I am pretty sure you should remove all the 2.4/5gz combiners and just have antenna’s direct to the card.

From the manual

  • Configurable 4×4/3×3 or 2x2n+2x2ax DBDC

I don’t know if Turris/OpenWRT allows for the “2x2n+2x2ax” option or how to do that, which is how your setup is done.


Yes, the diplexers (combiners) from the two antennas need to be removed, and each antenna has to be directly connected to one port on the card.

Turris displays this card as two cards in Luci, one 2.4 GHz card and one 5 GHz card. So yes, it allows to use both bands simultaneously.

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@jklaas & @peci1

At first thank you very much for helping me out and enlighten me to the right point.
I was ordering 6 new antennas and if they are arriving I will put away the diplexers
(I put them into another router with RouterOS on an PC Engines APU2D2 board)
because the case is only sorted with two antenna holes. So it it is for me nothing I will missing! I ordered this antennas here and will mount them when there will be arriving. Once more again, thank you very much again for your help.
4 Antennas for WiFi
2 LTE Antennas must be mounted on the both sides of the case
Active GPS Antenna for the upcoming modem to build a Stratum0 NTP server inside

I will be back and report if the antennas are arriving.

The AW7915-NP1 is 4x4 either 5GHz OR 2,4GHz (NO DBDC!). We had this discussion already within the main WIFI6-card-thread, the manual is wrong on this regard.
The only cards with this chip offering DBDC are AW7915-NPD and AW7916-NPD.

Regarding wiring what was said is correct (get rid of the diplexers).



The AW7915-NP1 is 4x4 either 5GHz OR 2,4GHz (NO DBDC!).
We had this discussion already within the main WIFI6-card-thread,
the manual is wrong on this regard.

At first thank for answering and enrich this question.
Ok then I let it run alone in the 5GHz mode for sure. It will be the best as I see it.
The antennas are on the way and I feel not really good to sort away this “nice”
diplexers, but if the antennas are arriving they must go.

The only cards with this chip offering DBDC are AW7915-NPD and AW7916-NPD.

Looking nice not also not so high in price then other cards, if I can get the hands on
I will be looking later in this year and report back.

Regarding wiring what was said is correct (get rid of the diplexers).

4 Antennas are ordered and by site also three new once for the LTE modem.

All in all I was driven from here to there thinking (on/off) about that point but
now I am feeling a bit better about that.

Ahh, so if this is not the DBDC card, then you can even keep the diplexers and connect the card to their 5 GHz inputs (if you intend to run a 5 GHz AP). But you can as well remove them and gain the ability to switch to 2.4 GHz purely software-wise.

Keeping the diplexers, you could use a 2 antenna 2.4
GHz card in addition to the one you bought.

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My personal experience: At some point in time one will forget, that the card is partly connected to diplexers and thus cannot only software-wise be switched in frequency. Therefore I can only recommend switching completely to direct antenna-connectors.
But as @Sparky already ordered everything he will be fine.

Regarding the second card and @Sparky: you will have a LTE-card in slot 3 (the leftmost one), WIFI in slot 2 and mSATA in slot 1, right? Thus there would be no use for a second WIFI-card and none for the diplexers. Don’t throw them away, offer them here in the forum or on ebay, someone will need them :wink:

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I build two routers. One is a TurrisOmnia and one is MikroTik RouterOS.
The RouterOS router is only sorted with two antenna holes and the
TurrisOmnia is sorted with enough holes and I can drill in two more
like I need. But not in the RouterOS router, here is a link to the
case of the RouterOS router that explains it a little bit more or
plain better. Timberwolf APU2D2 case

But now, because I was ordering the antennas, led by this forum thread here,
again thank you all, I have 4 WiFi antennas and two LTE antennas for the
TurrisOmnia and can use the diplexer inside of the Timberwolf case sorted
with two miniPCIe WiFi cards!!!

The Turris comes with 5 holes on the back site of the device and in 4
I will put the WiFi antennas now, in one (in the middle) the GPS antenna
from the modem (Quectel EP06) and if the TurrisOmnia “Hacker pack”
arrives I will drill two holes for the LTE antennas in. So I have a LTW
fallback WAN on top of all GPS for Stratum0 inside of the TurrisOmnia
and a WiFi card sorted with 4 antennas.

It is the best solution in my eyes as I see it now and it would be nice
to set this all up, for me.

My actual WiFi card is the following: AsiaRF AW1759-NP1

  • AsiaRF website (AW1759-NP1)
    They are stating that this card is a DBDC card
  • AW1759-NP1 datasheet (pdf)
    It is written in that this is a DBDC card
  • Wiki about this WiFi card (AW7915-NP1)
    It declares the following;
    4T4R with support of up to 2402 Mbps PHY rate
    Supports 4×4:4SS 11ax Wave2 MU-MIMO
    Configurable 4×4/3×3 or 2×2n + 2×2ax DBDC
    MU-MIMO configurations of: 4 users: 4×1ss;
    3 users: 2×1ss + 1×2ss or 3×1ss
    2 users: 2×2ss or 1×1ss + 1×2ss or 2×1ss

But with the solution with the 4 + 3 antennas for the
TurrisOmnia and the diplexer´s for the RouterOS is
in my eyes the belowed solution for me to go with.

Regarding the DBDC-statings: This is purely written, unfortunately. The chip itself supports DBDC, but the card’s design doesn’t - which will become more clear if you look to the schemes of the DBDC-disabled 7915-NP1 (4x4) card and in comparison the DBDC-enabled 7915/7916-NPD (2x2).
edit - to explain it a little bit more: The DBDC-cards combine in the card’s design in each connector one 2,4GHz string and one 5GHz string and diplex them (just like you can do with the Turris diplexers, one 2,4GHz and one 5GHz card as well as the required amount of connection cables). Thus you diplex the 4 strings offered by the chip to 2 connectors offered by the WIFI-card.

Ultimately - the 7915/7916-NPD will show up in OpenWrt/TurrisOS as 2 separate cards and the 7915-NP1 won’t. I have proof of that in multiple of my Turris devices (as well as all of the Turris device-users with WIFI-6 cards installed) :slightly_smiling_face:



I will do so.

I hope so!

Yes this is right! One mSATA, one WiFi and one modem card will be in there
if the modem arrived this week or in the next week.

I will use them, as stated above in the post, for another router that should be placed
in a living room or let us call it not a tech only room.

The last shop I know that is selling them are Varia Store

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Yes, that’s for Germany. For the eastern part of Europe there is also

Where? I see Dual Bands Selectable in the description. That’s not DBDC!


Yes, that´s because I am from Germany. But I was bookmarking the
website also.

In the datasheet and the tech Wiki it was written;
Configurable 4x4/3x3 or 2x2n+2x2ax DBDC

So this l was driving me to think I buy that card with 4 connectors and then
I can connect all 4 plugs to the installed diplexers. But anyway if the antennas
will be arriving I will mount them. If I do a WiFi search over the Luci called
“entry” (on the webconfigurator) I will see with all 4 connectors connected to
the antennas (2 diplexer´s) 2.4GHz and 5HGz networks available here in
my near area, better with and more as with the AVM FB 7590ax with extra
antennas (Frixtender set). I have the AVM FB up in the front (Border) and
the TurrisOmnia behind (dual homed DMZ).

@ all

Not fully assembled yet but working and running. Like you all said I was setting
up 4 antennas (one for each connector) and it is running well on 2,4GHz & 5GHz.

Now the holes for the LTE antennas must be drilled into the “hacker pack”
and all must be configured out. Thank you once more again for the hint
with the antennas and your support.

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