Is Multi-SSID supported?

On my previous router (ASUS RT-n16 with Tomato) I was using multiple SSIDs associated to multiple VLANs in order to isolate potentially unsecure IoT devices (Wi-Fi scale, sensors, Google Home etc) from my WiFi network.

Is this possible using Turris MOX? I yes, how do I configure it?


See also Known issues with SDIO Wi-Fi module

Thanks! That partially answers my question indeed - how about the other WiFi module?

I am using the LuCI to add additional WiFi networks on a WiFi card

Two WiFi networks works for sure, not about 3 or more.

It depends on the card. You can use iw phy to see the exact number that each card will support (at least theoretically).

If you have a lot of devices that don’t need to communicate with each other, if the card supports isolation, you can use that (prevents clients within a single SSID from communicating with each other).

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