IPv6 to only some clients

is possible to configure Omnia to give IPv6 address to just a few clients I specify (mac address)?

I’m just guessing, but approach similar to this might do it: Yamaha receiver problem with Knot DNS

This is probably possible, but the client’s “duid” must be known. This will be written to etc/config/dhcp (handwritten because it is not possible via Luci)

config host
    option name 'client name'
    option mac 'XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX'
    option ip ''
    option hostid '100' # client required ipv6 address
    option duid '1234567891234565'

But this is not possible on an Android phone because they do not have a DUID number.

Thanks. Actually I need IPv6 only for LXC container and some ethernet devices, but not for any wifi client.

Wouldn’t be better to split the network to more "sub"networks - one with IPv6 and the second without?

The question is, how to do it? :slight_smile: Is there any guide? Thanks for help

As IPv6 router information are multicasted, you cannot selectively enable or disable IPv6 per device. You can, however, create separate network by cloning lan section from /etc/config/network like this:

config interface 'lan2'
    #option ifname 'eth0 eth2'  # commented out so it doesn't conflict
    option force_link '1'
    option type 'bridge'
    option proto 'static'
    option ipaddr ''  # different IP range
    option netmask ''
    #option ip6assign '60' # commented so IPv6 is disabled in this network

You also have to add lan2 to appropriate firewall zone.


Thanks, it sounds good.

Probably I have to clone some lines in /etc/config/dhcp too?

Like this:

config dhcp ‘lan2’
option interface ‘lan2’
option start ‘100’
option leasetime ‘12h’
#option dhcpv6 ‘server’
option ra ‘server’
option limit ‘200’
list dhcp_option ‘6,’
option ra_management ‘1’


@Michelle yes, exactly.

Thanks @Ondrej_Caletka for your precise answer. My description would be much more complicated :).