IPv6 on WAN via SLAAC

Hello, if I understand it correctly, my ISP would assign me IPv6 automatically. The default setting (“DHCPv6”) doesn’t get my Omnia any non-local address and I can’t see what else to set up there. How can I best debug this?

Most ISP’s actually use DHCPv6 to set the subnet to the router then the router uses SLAAC to distribute this to the local devices in the subnet.

It depends on your ISP, my recommendation would be to start a tcpdump and then look at it in wireshark then you know whats going on from beginning to end… try something like

tcpdump -i eth0 -vvv -n ip6 and ether src or dst 6C:88:14:7D:51:18
(where 6C:88:14:7D:51:18 is the MAC address of the requesting interface on eth0)

hope that helps

Thanks. I had edited away my initial misconceptions about SLAAC right after posting the topic but I forgot the title.

It just works now for me. Apparently I was unlucky and started setting it up on TurrisOS version where it didn’t work, as it got fixed at one point without me doing any changes at that moment.