IPv6 not working on 3.8.1

Since upgrade to 3.8.1 (or 3.8.0, I didn’t test meanwhile), the IPv6 on lan does not seem to work. The router itself has no problems with IPv6 connectivity, it just fails to advertise IPv6 on lan.

There was no configuration change between (I’ve just verified this looking at snapshots).

Any hint where to look at possible problems?

I can confirm that. IPv6 connectivity to router works fine, but PC behind the router can’t ping6 elsewhere even they got IPv6 address.

Looking at the logs, I’ve discovered dnsmasq error:

warning dnsmasq[2010]: script process exited with status 1

But that doesn’t seem to be related to IPv6 at all, should be fixed by pull request.

I’ve also tried replacing dnsmasq with dnsmasq-dhcpv6, but that doesn’t help either…

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Okay it seems that “Device detection” is causing this. Once I’ve removed it, IPv6 again works as it used to.

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