IPv6: Ask for help: No re-connect to v6

Are you saying that none of your 2 TO has ipv6 upstream connectivity at all after update to F!OS 7.10, not even after rebooting the TO? And with the provider’s box it is the same?

Have tried also different ethernet cables between the TO and the upstream boxes?

Had a chance to almost replicate the setup, different FB model though and perhaps different upstream connectivity

  • upstream router F!box 7530 with ISP controlled F!OS 7.10
  • upstream ISP authentication PPPoE
  • upstream ISP connectivity DS-Lite, native IPv6 via DHCP and pre-fix (rotated every 12 hours) delegation in /56 range for the FB
  • TOS4.x beta 2

The result is rather curious

  • wan6 on the TO showing the delegated pre-fix from the FB with a /64 range
  • none of the other TO’s ifaces however getting an ipv6 with that delegated pre-fix and thus none of the TO’s clients

Reverting back to normal setup, removed FB and using a SFP DSL modem in the TO’s SFP port, the pre-fix from upstream gets propagated downstream all the way just just fine.


If I use DHCPv6, interface name is wan_6 (not wan6)
It is not in the interface list.
Try it
ifstatus wan_6

Turris 1.x

Unfortunately I did not the time yet to do that traffic analysis. From what I learned here the FritzBox IPv6 may not be very well implemented.
However, there is a good tutorial to analyse the traffic here:

I follow up soon.