IPTV UDP multicast


My ISP provides IPTV by multicast. If I plug the receiver directly to the incoming WAN port it works but if I put it behind the router the video feed is blocked. The ISP mentioned that a switch before the router to feed the receiver and the router should do the trick. However I do not want to add a switch since I have limited space and making it work would mean that I would need another switch in the TV cabinet.

I tried to follow the guide here https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/udp_multicast but all it resulted in was a non-responsive router which I had to reset since I could not log in anymore. Maybe I missed something specific to the Turris Omnia.

Any help is appreciated.

If the only issue is about the physical space you could create a virtual switch inside Omnia - either in Linux level or in the internal programmable switch level - to connect WAN, Omnia router and IPTV receiver to the same LAN. See for example https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/uci/network/switch

Who is your actual ISP?

What would the configuration in Luci (or commandline) look like if I wanted for example port 4 to be on a switched network with the WAN port on the Omnia?

My ISP is Comhem in Sweden.

I have the same problem with my Deutsche Telekom Entertain IPTV. There are two kind IPTV Version of Entertain.

For the older one you need IGMP V3 using ASM (Any Source Multicast) and VLAN 7 and VLAN 8(IPTV) tagging.

For the newer one you need IGMP V3 using SSM (Source Specific Multicast) and VLAN 7 and VLAN 8(IPTV) tagging.

I hope you have an idea.


There is an even newer one (BNG) with everything on VLAN7.

While searching for this i found https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=61160 with an example for a VLAN8 version of Deutsche Telekom Entertain. I don’t think the firewall rule for DHCPv6 on vlan8 is needed. A bad side effect of this config may be flooding the wifi because of the missing igmp_snooping=1.

I have not yet received my Omnia and I’m not already familiar with OpenWRT/Luci so at the moment I cannot give you more detailed instructions how to do it.

Both IPTV Versions MSTV(old one) and NGTV(new one) works on BNG or Non-BNG. Both Versions supports only IPV4.
So important to work will be IGMPV3 because of switching the Unicast-Stream after 5seconds to multicast.

I solved my issue by removing port 4 from the lan-bridge and then bridging it with the wan-port instead.

Hi, I got Entertain (IPTV from Deutsche Telekom) to work with my Turris Omnia. I documented the necessary configuration in my blog: https://blog.ohrensessel.net/2017/02/16/entertaintv-with-turris-omnia/

Let me know if I missed something or something is unclear.