IPTV Deutsche (German) Telekom with Vigor 130

i need some help. My ISP is Deutsche (German) Telekom right now i am using a DrayTek Vigor 130 (VDSL2 Modem) to let my Turris Omnia connect via PPoE which works perfektly but not IPTV. At the moment my modem sets the VLAN 7 tag. How can i set the VLAN 7 tag with Turris Omnia? I want to use one Port of my Turris Omnia to seperate the IPTV from my Homenetwork so it is safe. But i am not used with VLAN can someone help me?

Internet needs VLAN 7 tag
IPTV needs VLAN 8 tag



just as an idea, did not try it myself. Do not set VLAN tag in your Vigor 130, but instead configure the VLANs within Luci. If you go to e.g. http://<turris_IP>/cgi-bin/luci/admin/network/network/wan it is stated that you can use VLAN notation (you probably have to set eth1.7 as custom interface on the Physical Settings tab).
For VLAN 8 you can than create a separate interface (e.g. iptv instead of wan) and assign eth1.8 as custom interface. Does that have to be a separate PPPoE session? I don’t know…

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Hey i disabled vlan 7 tag in my modem:

As you said i set eth1.7 as custom interface on the Physical Settings tab to my wan inferface:

Internet works but only IPv4, what do i have to set for WAN6?

Do i have to set something here also?


You have to set eth1.7 for IPv6 as well. Did you try IPTV via VLAN 8? Maybe some googling gives you a hint whether you also have to do pppoe on vlan 8?

edit: as far a I understood, the wan port (rj45 or sfp) is conntected directly to the CPU, so no need to configure anything within the switch settings.

some googling yields:

Ok I solved the IPv6 problem,
i deleted my WAN interface and just configured WAN6. Now i will try to get the VLAN 8 working for IPTV.

I don’t know whether it is a good idea to remove the WAN interface. Just out of interested I also disabled VLAN Tag insertion in my vigor and set the interface to eth1.7 for both WAN and WAN6. Works like a charm.
Sadly, I do not have any IPTV option booked so I cannot help you with VLAN 8.

i think it is ok that i removed the WAN interface, because my ISP allows only one PPoE connection. So i just use WAN6 and got IPv4 and IPv6.

I created a new interface called “iptv” and assigned it to eth1.8 as a custom interface. I want to use Port 4 of Turris for IPTV and seperate it from the rest of my network, so what do i need to do (create a bridge?)?


We are on the same ISP, Deutsche Telekom :wink: I have not configured WAN6 for PPPoE but DHCPv6 Client.
For your VLAN 8 problem, have a look at the link @fuller posted.

I think you need configure the multicast packets.
@fuller sent a good link.

If your wan connection for iptv is dhcp, maybe you have this issue with igmpproxy: link.

If it’s your case, you need edit /etc/init.d/igmpproxy with this changes: link

@ohrensessel First yes its correct i just need to add WAN6 also to eth1.7 and IPV6 works without removing WAN6.

@Alberto I tried to get IPTV working but no success yet.
@fuller it tried that config but no succes maybe i did something wrong…

I also tried this config but also no success:

Can somone help me ?
I want to seperate the IPTV from the rest of my LAN, i want work IPTV only on Port 4 of my Turris.

So you already created an interface with eth1.8 where the TV is.

Now remove the eth2 from the laninterface. Then in your new IPTV interface, where the eth1.8 is set its configuration to none, add eth2 card and make them bridge. This should make VLAN 8 bridged to the LAN4 port.

So i tried now but no succes the receiver doesn’t get any ip.

Here is my config:


Any idea what i made wrong?

I need to do something similar, but for two VLANs – 243 for IPTV and 237 for VOIP. The way I’ve understood things, there is only one port on eth2. But how can I do a similar bridge to one of the ports on eth0?

Also, bridging VLANs to ports on the LAN side, does that also make it important to do any changes in the firewall settings to maintain a secure LAN?

You can move one of the switch ports from “eth0” to “eth2” with Luci or by editing /etc/config/network and restarting network services. Then you have two ports behind eth2.

Any help please?


Your network config looks good. I think you should not set up any DHCP server for the IPTV VLAN, as there is probably already DHCP server on the ISP side. So maybe the conflict is the cause of the issue.

Hi, I got Entertain (IPTV from Deutsche Telekom) to work with my Turris Omnia. I documented the necessary configuration in my blog: https://blog.ohrensessel.net/2017/02/16/entertaintv-with-turris-omnia/

I don’t know if this works with the normal Telekom media receiver connected to your normal LAN, but you could give it a try. I can watch TV via VLC from my computer (which is in my LAN).


For IPTV (multicast) to work via WiFi I had to remove the low rates from supported_rates and basic_rate in /etc/config/wireless. I simply removed the lines with the rates 6000, 9000 and 12000 for both radios.

Otherwise, streams were stuttering.

does your entertain interface ever get an address? mine does not at all.