Iptables geoip in Turris 4.0.1

I cant find the corresponding package iptables-mod-geoip, it is not preinstalled either:
iptables v1.6.2: Couldn’t load match `geoip’:No such file or directory

Please add this!


@pepe probably concerning you

Each bug including this one should be reported to us by supported channels followed by this article in our documentation. Forum is not meant and can not be an issue tracker.

Anyway, I have found that the package xtables-addons, which provide mostly noticeable one for you iptables-mod-geoip get tarball corrupted during a downloading on our build machine, which resulted in tarball can not be extracted and because of that package can not be compiled and it was not available in our feeds.

It is fixed already in Turris OS 4.0.2. You can try that if you would like by using switch-branch to branch hbk, but it might require manual intervention as some bugs can appear. In a few days, we would like to release RC of Turris OS 4.0.2.