IP/Domain-Blacklists and How to Modify or Disable Them?

So, as mentioned in another thread I can’t reach a certain domain, the reason is, so told by turris, is, that the IP of that domain was seen doing “something bad”. So it is now on some obscure blacklist, that I think is mention here under the banner fwup. My question now is, where can I find that blacklist, how can I modify it and how can it be completely disabled? I can’t find anything in your database.

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I personally can’t see a comment that suggests the problem is due to a blacklist. Can you point to the source of that information?

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That was the answer I received after my contact to their dev’s, but until now I haven’t heard back how to modify or disable the blacklist. Also noone seems to be aware that something like this exists, so I also want to spread awareness.

I’ve been blind :slight_smile: thanks.

Done that, also the domain seems to be on their radar according to the link of your thread: https://amihacked.turris.cz/?address=

The only thing to do AFAIK is to notify admins of that web that their IP is doing attack attempts, if you care about the web…

Done that, but this is an open source router and I want to be able to do with it what ever I please, that includes visiting sites that turris/cz.nic deems unsafe.


It seems to be some config with kresd as switching to Unbound make the failing domain work.

That seems strange, as IPs are supposed to be blocked, not names…

Yes forget what I have said. I had a ntp malfunction and it seems my resolver was completely out of order when I made the test. :confused:

Anyway, I am interested to understand how this blacklist mechanism is working.

I would also like to know how to influence this blacklist, it is nowhere documented.

The answer I received was basically:

Another option is to modify /etc/config/firewall-turris specifically 100FA4E0 so that a given group of rules only logs in or quietly ignores it.

But where do I find that hex-value? What value would I need for other pages, … all questiones tat weren’t answered.

And now you blocked mobile.de, what is that website supposed to have done? This has to be a bad joke, give us the ability to modify the black list, your descriptions are off, even the ones on git and the infos your support delivered was useless.

https://amihacked.turris.cz shows green for both A and both AAAA addresses of mobile.de.

You seem to be right, what IPs did you use? & ?

IPv6 is no help to me.

Can you reache the page? When I use my mobile phone as gateway I can reach the page with the turris it times out, same behaviour like last time, only last time it was a visible problem according to the homepage you linked.

Okay, works again, still want the description how I can modify the blacklist.

Yes, that’s the IPs I see. I can reach mobile.de through a Turris 1.x.

What in the world is it again?

You again block the forum and it’s been already two weeks since I got the assurance that someone from the team will look into the problem and provide an acceptable answer…

I suspect the blacklist is coming from this: https://api.turris.cz/firewall/turris-ipsets.gz

Again, really, although the last occurence was in august, why now again on the blacklist?