iOS push notification

Is possible to send some notifications from router as iOS push notification? For me it will be better than standard email.

You can try to use Pushbullet app, and create some simple script which will send you notification.
See this thread for example:

Or if you use the Telegram messaging app you could use that. See:

There’s also Prowl, I’ve been using it for years.

Do you have some own scripts (for inspiration)? :wink:

this is something i had hacked together from someplace that worked with nzbgetd, should get you started (this is for prowl):

#!/usr/bin/env python

import sys,urllib

# Get clean NZB name
job_name = sys.argv[3]

# Prowl API settings -
# Set Prowl API
API = "<your prowl api key goes here>"
# Set Prowl priority. 0 - Normal, 2 - Emergency, -2 - Very Low
priority = "0"

# Set job title/event name
job_title = "Omnia%20Alert"

# Get current date/time and strip spaces
from time import gmtime, strftime
event_time = strftime("%m/%d/%y %H:%M")
event_time=event_time.replace(' ', '%20')

# URL encode chars that cause issues
job_name=job_name.replace(' ', '%20')
job_name=job_name.replace('_', '%5F')
job_name=job_name.replace('.', '%2E')

# Send download complete notification to iPhone - swap 'job_title' for 'event_time' if completion time is required instead of 'Download Complete'

urllib.urlopen("" + API + "&priority=" + priority + "&application=omnia&event=" + event_title + "&description=" + job_name + "%20%40%20" + event_time)

Is it supported by Apple Watch?

Don’t know, don’t have an Apple Watch. :disappointed_relieved:

Telegram is OK, works perfectly, but still looking for scripts :slight_smile:
For example message, when new MAC will be on WiFi (DHCP)

You could try addrwatch if it is available for our TO. You will have to hack a script then though.

This one?

I have only Turris (not Omnia). Will it work?

For what purposes do you use Telegram?


Yup, that one. It is available as a package for OpenWRT/LEDE. I was actually thinking about using telegram for the same thing, alerting me when a new device connects to my network + for update/reboot notifications + status/health reporting every x hours.

Yes, but these scripts are useless :frowning: