Internet via sfp

hello, can i use my turris mox box to use my internet connection with wan_bridge_with_dhcpc mode(so it is configured in the Fritzbox)? the internet connection is provided as glass fiber, but i can get only with fritzboxes with an extra providerbox online.
can i use the Turris Mox to get a internet connection via a compatible sfp module?

i am not sure how the wan_bridge_with_dhcpc mode works at fritzboxes

do I absolutely need the original provider box and a fritz box or can I do it somehow with the Turris Mox box?

it seems very difficult to get connected to your own router

It is be possible, but first you need your provider’s interface description (GPON/AON, which wavelengths TX/RX, which distance) and then the credentials (username/password) and how you login (VLAN, PPPoE/etc).
Which ISP provides your internet connection?

Edit: example for a description: FTTH - Rockstable Wiki

its a ‘htp All IP Fiber’ connection(provided by the htp GmbH), it should be an GPON over FTTH 1310nm-TX/1490nm-RX - 20km, the internet PPPoE-connection is in vlan 22 and the SIP voice service in vlan 10. i have all access data

For GPON have a look here: Supported SFP modules [Turris wiki]

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what uses a Genexis FiberTwist-P2110?

According to Genexis this seems to be AON not GPON:

Question: why do you want to use an SFP instead of using the ISP supplied “media converter”?

how do you recognize that it is AON? seems correct

Because the P2000 series is for Point to point links (P2000-Series Point-to Point (PtP)), the G2000 series would be GPON (see here), I am really just looking at the Genexis documentation here.

is PtP ever AON? :grinning: :grinning:

AON: active optical network: where there are dedicated devices on both ends, so the network structure of the fiber needs to be point-to-point (PtP)
PON: passive optical network: where there are more than 2 devices connected to the same fiber-tree, also called point-to-multi-point (PtMP).

Obviously one can run PtP fibers between homes and a central office and implement a “fiber-tree” with a passive splitter in the central office only blurring the differences a bit, but as far as I can tell most ISPs use PON to avoid having to run fibers from all end-users to the central-office (or similar places).

ok, then i need still only a sc/apc to sc/apc cable

i have already the adapter for it(AON sfp module for PtP)

but most (other) isp’s uses PON(PtMP)?

It is still possible for your ISP to play tricks to only allow specific registered MAC addresses or similar.

Some ISPs like deutsche Glasfaser use both, and it depends on your specific area, but does it really matter what other ISPs use? (Sidenote: PON is considerably more attractive for ISPs as it requires less fiber, less space and less active power, and it makes it hard/impossible for the ISP getting forced having to rent dark fiber to competitors).

can’t you take legal action against it? Is there somewhere in the law that they are allowed to do this?

no, that was only of interest to me

AFAIK you have a right to use your own router, though I’m not 100% sure if it applies EU-wide. I’m not aware of anything applying to a media convertor.

for the internet provider they provide a lan access(BUT you have to use a compatible device. which are only current Fritz boxes that have been previously provisioned by the Internet provider). the provisioning process can be done by the user himself. but you need mandatory a actual FritzBox(which is considered safe for the Internet provider), which is a problem

I can imagine that the MAC address of the router is stored by the router internally in the ISP’s database or in the ONT

GPONs are provisioned also by its serial number that for some GPON Sticks can be changed. Like famous ZISA GPON that was used to replace Orange media converter translated from french:

yes, quite possible. but doesn’t help me

what are GPON Sticks?

with htp, as a customer, you have no access to the ONT(no webinterface, internet access and phone forwarded all over a vlan)

Yeah but you can sniff the traffic on wan interface and figure out the GPON settings and mock that on your custom GPON Stick insert it in Omnia and how the french say Voila!

how can i sniff on the sfp interface?

Look, my ISP uses VDSL2 and I can use any modem i want already, I see little chance I could/should take legal action against them as they appear to fully comply with the relevant law (TKG), about other ISPs that might or might not play tricks, I would not have any legal standing to take them to court… in Germany something like this might even be legal if ISP actullay pays for the media-converters power consumption (the ISP wpuld declare the converter as part of its own acrive network, then they could declare the converter’s ethernet socket as their passive network termination).
In your case, maybe first figure out whether they play tricks at all. I am also sure they will honor endgeraetefreiheit and provision your own router as German and EU law is pretty explicit in this regard. Google for it… e.g.:

seems partially relevant (also demonstrating that htp seems not terribly forthcoming).