Internet access to Nextcloud

I read documentation, I tried google, I searched this forum, I asked AI … and still I was unable to find, how can I setup access to Nextcloud from outside LAN.
Please - does anyone have a link where this is documented? English, Czech or pretty much any language would be helpful.

The setup that I want is to point to Nextcloud and any other (http/s) request to my server, but at this point I would count as a win even directing everything to Nexcloud.

Not sure I understood, but first you need to publish your nextcloud website to internet so you need to forward the internet traffic to your server, go to LUCI, select Firewall in Network tab and choose the tab “Ports Forwards”. You probably need 2 rules one for 443 and anther for 80 something like This Device 443 to IP 443 …