Internal server works only with external IP

I have an internal server with multiple services (VNC, owncloud) set up in my home.
Using the internal IP address of the server I can not connect to the server, only using the external IP address.

Can anyone point me where to look for the solution?

p.s.: funny thing, that after I restart my Omnia, it works for a while even with internal IP addresses

Thank you in advance!

Its not really an answer to why its doing it, but setting up a Static route on your LAN would fix it.

Have you forwarded the ports used by those services on the TO Luci web-interface?

I also have an “internal” server which I can connect to using internal ip address and external ip adress without any problems.

I’m having a similar problem, which could actually be the exact same thing. If I restart my router everything works, but after a while I’m unable to ping any local IPs from within the network. The router can reach all of them (which would explain why it works externally, in your case), but devices seem unable to reach each other.

Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem?