Intermittent Internet Drops

Hi Everyone!

I have suddenly started getting problem since yesterday. I am connected to Turris Omnia through 2.4GHz band on my computer. The internet drops every minute or so and then I have to disconnect WiFi on my Windows system and connect it again. The internet then works for a minute or two before dropping again and I get a yellow exclamation mark on the network status icon.

At this point, I am also unable to ping the router:
Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.

Do note that I am running ExpressVPN through OpenVPn isntance on the router and there were no issues at all for the past two weeks.

I have tried rebooting and everything but the problem is still there. My other router works well with no issues at all. At this point I am unable to figure out what more I can do ?

Would appreciate if anyone could help me out.


What happens when connecting via LAN instead of WLAN?

Is the issue also present without the VPN client runnung?

Sorry to reply to this old post but I though it’s better than writing a new topic with the same subject.

I have a very similar issue with the 2.4GHz Wifi. Interestingly, computers with Windows do not have the problem. We have a iMac which has the issue very often (in the order of minutes, sometimes seconds) and some PCs with Ubuntu that have the issue less often. Phone with Android also seem to be more stable. The 5GHz Wifi doesn’t have the issue.

Same symptoms: the Wifi connection is stable but without internet connection, even pinging the router with its IP doesn’t work.

I’m ready to send anything that could help resolve this issue.