Integration Storj/IPFS

Hello community,

I have this idea to integrate either Storj(.io) or IPFS(.io) into the Turris Omnia and my home network.

Goal would be:

  • to store Turris-backups in a decentralised cloud
  • to provide decentralised storage to the network
  • to sync the local NAS-storage with the decentralised cloud storage

So my question is - does anyone in here have already some experience with the herein described technologies (in combination with the Turris) - and what are your thoughts on this project?

Thanks a lot for your input and have a great day.

I do not have experience with IPFS, but I am using Storj (not on my Omnia I’m afraid). It’s a relatively simple process to mount it with Rclone and it also supports IPFS. Rclone is available on TurrisOS via the package manager. Keep in mind that you may need to use additional flags when mounting Storj in order to achieve certain results. The Rclone config page for Storj is an excellent resource and the only one I’ve had to use to get it setup for my use case.