Integrate Access Point into my primary & guest wifi network

I have set up through Foris two 2.4GHz networks, primary (192.168.1.X) and guest (10.111.222.X). But wifi isn’t reaching into certain part of my house and since I have older Zyxel wifi router around I’d like to use it as AP to provide coverage in the blind spot.

I’ve connected both routers via ethernet cable, switched Zyxel into bridge, disabled DHCP and set up WLAN to same SSIDs and passwords as my existing ones on Omnia.

Connectivity works, but once client loses signal from Omnia and automatically switches to Zyxel it gets IP assigned from Omnia just from the primary network DHCP pool.

So my question is, is there a way to keep primary and guest networks separate even through Zyxel? If not, how do I at least configure Omnia so the entire Zyxel AP is just guest network instead? It’s better for me if it’s only guest instead of only primary.

The problem is your guest network is set only for wifi interface on Omnia, but all the LAN ports are on primary network. So you have to set at least one LAN port to be attached to your guest network and connect your Zyxel to this port. Unfortunately this cannot be done through Foris. You can use the fact that port LAN4 is already on separate VLAN by default and bridge this VLAN with guest wifi interface through LuCI / Network / Interfaces / Guest / Physical setting.

I’ve done all my settings manually so I cannot provide you screenshots because my setup is different.

So if I just add eth0.2 into guest interface it will be enough? Don’t I have to take out eth0 out of LAN and add eth0.1 or something like that? Seems like if Port 4 is part of primary network LAN now, just adding eth0.1 VLAN to guest will make it available to both interfaces?

In default Omnia’s configuration LAN interface is a bridge of eth0 (physical ports LAN0 – LAN3) and eth2 (LAN4). You should add eth2 to GUEST bridge and remove it from LAN bridge if you want to have your Zyxel AP on GUEST network.

I think you cannot make PORT4 available to both interfaces without setting it tagged in Network / Switch. And I am not sure if / how your Zyxel AP would handle this in bridge mode if you won’t assign a particular vlan to a particular wlan. But I am not an expert on this one, ask someone more experienced.