Install Dynamic DNS (DDNS) especially to use CloudFlare

I have my router running Turris OS 4.0 and want to set it up to use DDNS. However, I cannot find anything going through the LuCI menu items or on the internet to enable this functionality.

Is there any documentation or guides on how to set this up?

Thanks… Tom.

Well, I am not on 4.0 yet, but on 3.x it is under Services / Dynamic DNS

Thaks for the replying. There is no Services menu in my version of LuCI.

what version is your luci in TOS 4.0?
can I see somewhere all the screenshots of the available menus?

I have created 4 screen shots of the status page and the status, system, and network menus in the following link.

BTW, I have done a factory reset prior to seeing if I can set up DDNS.


ok, it seems our luci versions are not too much far away, so it should not be any menu restructuring, and all other menus are present, but it is only the the service menu is gone all together, which is not normal.
Probably some luci package is missing in your configuration.
See topics like these:

I suggest searching in this direction

Did you install luci-app-ddns?
Don’t know if this one is installed by default.

There are not many LuCI packages that come preinstalled including ‘luci-app-dns’. Some LuCI extensions, which add you more tabs and control in advanced administration can be found in our package list, which is in Updater tab located in Foris, but luci-app-dns is not there.

You can install it manually as it was said by @ssdnvv.

I followed the lead pointed to by @Fenevadkan and installed one service (opkg update; opkg install luci-app-samba), and as if by magic, the Services menu appeared with “Network Shares” as a service. I looked further into it by inquiring on how to add DDNS to OpenWrt and found this link “” which explains all.

It appears that the Turris team, or possibly OpenWRT have decided to only create and populate the Service Menu with services that you want to install. No services - no menu. That would save space, and reduce complexity overall. A good idea.

I am now off to see if I an configure DDNS.

Thanks all for your input… Tom.