Install common Command Line packages

Hi all. I would like to install the packages Midnight Commander, joe text editor and locate command. Any idea how to do this with opkg package manager?


opkg update
opkg install mc
opkg install joe

Ok thanks all. New to opkg - but after update the packages were available to install. Are you familiar with the locate command? Any ideas how to implement this?

Side Note: The locate command depends on a database that caches your local file system tree for quick searches. I‘m not sure how this is handled and where this database is stored in OpenWRT/TurrisOS and if it gets created and updated regularly.

Be sure that this database IS NOT created on eMMC as it can wear it out due to regular write load!

Thanks for the feedback. I am inclined to use “find” atm. I just need to read up on its command line options and become more conversant with it.

I only found. Look at this.

What you are looking for is mlocate which is not packaged for openwrt.