Input power requirements

Hi! I am trying to create a custom uninterrupted power supply for my mox (Mox A + sdio wifi module). The problem with those is that the provided voltage might depend on whether it is running on mains or on battery. The range could be within 11.5 - 14.5 Volts. What are the input power requirements for the MOX? Do I need an additional voltage regulator, or MOX already has it built in?

Did you already take a look at the HW schematics provided by Turris team?


Not before you pointed it out. Thanks!
I can see that TLV62130 is used, which is rated at 3 V to 17 V. Well, I guess I can’t feed it with less than 5V since it is step-down only. But my 11.5 V - 14.5 V are well in range.

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