Indiegogo MOX campaign is going to fail - what is the influence to Turris Omnia?

Sorry to say, but now it’s clear that Indiegogo MOX campaign fails… Has NIC any plan B? What is the future of Turris Omnia without MOX?

I don’t think it’s 100% clear yet (that it will fail).

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Yes, there’s always hope :slight_smile:

The funny thing with organizations like CZ.NIC is that there’s always someone who will pay this wild party :smiley: you know this isn’t typical private company and computer security, IT etc. are still popular (now even in national view like in the government etc.) so someone from national organizations like NUKIB will support them. So game isn’t over. Especially after that Turris to schools, national resorts etc. (for “free”) Státní sféra je takový pohádkový les, místo plné možností a absurdit.

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No need for plan B, in the end.