I don't think the 2.4Ghz Radio Working Right. ? the ne locations Setup

I installed the SSD tonight. Before turning on the Router. Already saw that “System.cfg09bba” non save issue in Luci on reboot and applied that fix. Wondering if I need to apply another to the Radio Position in a config file somewhere?

The radio works, it broadcasting. I see it in Inssider2. But I don’t see it clients in Luci. I see all the 5Ghz clients in Luci.
The 5GHz is called an Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880 802.11bgnac (radio0) in Luci
But the 2Ghz is called Generic MAC80211 802.11bgn (radio1). Weird???

And the button next to SSID is at like 0% where the button on the 5Ghz is 85 to 90%.

Here the screen capture. Anyone know step by step I should do to correct this?

I saw something earlier about Radio1 and Radio2 being edit in some file? Maybe its related but it was vage.

This all messed up

If "Chmod 666 /etc/config/wireless"
and the "vim wireless"
and the edit the path from pcie 3 to 1 .
no joy.
mkdir /tmp/rock
cp wireless to /tmp/rock
rm wireless
The “wifi detect > /etc/config/wireless” reboot.
Re-config Wireless still no joy

It just keeps making radio 1 = pcie 3

What mPCIe is where on the PCB = mPCIe 1??
Left is the Mini Wifi Card = mPCIe 2??
Middle the longer Wifi card = mPCIe 3??
Right next to CPU is the msata.

What do need to do to get this setup right?

No it works. Used my Iphone to join the 2Ghz. the button went 100% from 0% and the 2ghz connection showed up on the list.

Looking from the front of the Unit
Wifi Detect.
From Schematics
mPCIe 1 = Right Socket next to the CPU = With WLE200 in socket no Light… = PCIE0 = CN7
mPCIe 2 = Center Socket = Once enable got LED PCI 2 = PCIE1 = CN61
mPCIe 3 = Left Socket = Once Enable got LED PCI 1 = PCIE2 = CN62

Never the 2.4Ghz Radio ID itself other than “Generic MAC80211 802.11bgn” strange since it to is a Qualcomm Radio

1/ The mPCIe number should have started with zero vise one in the “wireless” config file to be in-sync with the schematics.