I can not visit my webpages from internal network

Few weeks before my old router run out, so i bought and setup new one, but the problem is that I cant visit my webpages running on my server connected on the new router. when i type adress of some webpage running on my server, it will show me the router sign up and not the wepage. I was trying to visit that from computers running on the router and it was failed, I have tryed to visit webpages from mobile phon connected on data, and that works, I have also tryed to visit webpages on tor browser and that is working too. So there is a problem, that I cant visit my webpages from devices connected on the same router, but devices from outside can visit my pages.

Pleas help, tell me some ideas for solution.

Please describe your setup in more detail , is the server on the LAN or the WAN side of the router, is there port forwarding in place,is there a DMZ, IP addresses, how did you set this up?

NAT setup: port 80-81 to my web server local ip, port 20-22 to my ftp server local ip
(the services run correctly from outer network)
LAN setup to routing ip range up to my server local ip, that is static routing, global DNS to google DNS servers
DMZ - defoult setting

If you want to access your Server from inside your lan with the same URL as from the outside you can add a static address record for it with its local ip adress as described here: https://doc.turris.cz/doc/en/public/dns_knot_misc

EDIT: I assume you have a public Domain example.com for your Server. If you access example.com from outside your network it is resolved to your public IP and traffic goes to your public IP and is forwarded to your server through port forwards you set up.

If you access example.com from inside your network it is also resolved to your public IP but Port Forwards doesn‘t work from inside your network.

If you set up a static address record for your server as described above your local DNS server on your Omnia resolves example.com to the local IP of your server and clients can now access it. For this to work your clients need to use your local DNS Server on your Omnia (which should be default setup).

An alternative would be to set up DNAT (destination NAT) rules but I don‘t have any experience with it and I have a setup like you in production for many years and I never encountered any problems with it…

Hope I could help… :slight_smile:


Look for hairpin NAT.