Howto purge kresd and enable dnsmasq properly?

Hello all,

What is the the ultimate and irrevocable but modern approach to purge kresd from the Turris Omnia? I tried several ways. It always ressurects after a while and bites me again.

May be somebody created the script that will purge it from cron, like it is proposed here [2]? Please share your experience.

I read this [1] and that [2], are they outdated? I did not find answer.


It’s as simple as editing


and setting whichever one you don’t want to port 0 and the other to port 53.

It’s not that simple.

Yes, it will work. For a while. Where ‘for a while’ means until next update. Then it will break your DNS. You will have to ssh in, manually edit the files again and restart everything. Each update will do it again, and again, and even if you disabled the services kresd and resolver, the updater will enable them again.

AFAIK there is no way to permamently disable kresd and enable DNS in dnsmasq without waking up one day and your internet not working. At least not if you want the dnsmasq to run on Turris and not on some other device.

:frowning: that’s unfortunate.

I have set kresd port to 54 and it works for year and half, multiple updates haven’t changed it here.
perhaps it only port 0 causes that?

Maybe it would work, not a bad idea… I didn’t configure kresd at all; I just wanted it disabled.

For me, this is no longer an issue, I don’t use any Turris device anymore.

Hi, in some post it was mentioned to mark resolver package as virtual, does anyone know which file is it and what to add exactly?