Howto get a Turris Omnia with a clean latest stable version of Turris OS?

What is the easiest way to get clean latest stable version onto my Omnia?

I had my Turris Omnia running for several years and I wanted to do a complete reset and then start from the latest stable version of TurrisOS before I connect to the internet.

The documentation Guide on this is very helpful and I used the option with 4 LEDs -> Re-flash router from flash drive.
Becaue I have a very old Omnia I thought about a way to get the latest stable version onto my Omnia and the only option that made sense was some kind of flash. How else would I update my Omnias factory image?

It worked fine and my Omnia booted, but I then had a beta version.I guess this is expected when I flash omnia-medkit-latest.
I tried to change the version to the latest stable, but for some reason I’m still on the newest.

Is there a straightforward approach to get an Omnia with a clean latest stable version?

I hope someone can clarify this.


You did it right, but apparently took a medkit from the wrong branch.

For Stable 4.x - use appropriate medkit from the stable branch -



Ok, thanks. Now I’m curious, is there discription of the repo structure?

The branches are under for Turris OS v3 for Turris OS v4

What are the icon folders for?☞🐈/

Whats the difference between and f.e. ?

Thanks @MiKe .

For anyone interested, branch descriptions are located at:

The “icon” folders are another way to get to the corresponding named branches.

In my case it’s indeed branch HBS (Here Be Snails)