How/where to create access token?

I have enabled access tokens in foris (+save and restarted router):

But I can not find place where to create access tokens.
Can somebody help me?

I have Turris OS version 3.11.1 and foris version: 98.19.1

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@ZdPo_Ster its not just about restarting but running updater to install packages. If you have access via ssh then just select access tokens in foris and run pkgupdate from console. Then it will download and install necessary packages and without rebooting I guess it will be avaliable in foris.

No, clicking save in updater foris tab should result in updater beeing executed. If an reboot is needed you get a notification in foris.

I run pkgupdate from console, but there were no updates…
And I still do not see menu item for tokes (e.g. as described on

Does not work for me either. Followed but the ACCESS TOKENS card does not show up. I’m also on latest RC.

I tried to create issue, but the system is such strange/non intuitive, I could not…
Anybody more experienced please feel free to escalate this topic.

See our respond here: Generating application tokens in Turris OS 3.11

Not very intuitive…
I finished with “Invalid QR code!” in turris app. no clue what is wrong…

I copy&paste token to spectator app and it works there…

Hi, same problem for me.Trying to scan the QR code with the android turris omnia app and it says invalid QR code.

Small comment to the @miska post Generating application tokens in Turris OS 3.11

My Android apps said “Invalid QR code” too.

The workaround is generate SVG image without URL encode of “&” character … not use & but only &

The right command for me was:
qrencode "turris://$(ubus call network.interface.lan status | sed -n 's|.*"address": "\([0-9.]*\)".*|\1|p')/luci-static/my_secret_url.token?scheme=http&hostname=$HOSTNAME&board_name=turris" -o /www/luci-static/my_secret_url.svg

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Do you know if there is possibility to generate QR code for External IP address? If yes, which port is app using?

I would also like to have that. But its better for security to connext to your local network via openvpn and then use token. But if you want to open that port to public (not recommended) you could check with netstat -tulpn for openports. One of them should be token thingie. Then port forward to some external port.

define the output type (which default is png) with --type=SVG if you’re having trouble with creating a png file