How/Where To Configure Turris Omnia Port Forwarding from Fixed IP to LAN Service

My ISP has provided me a public facing fixed IP X.X.X.X accessible from the outside WAN.

I use my Turris Omnia’s DHCP (Turris OS 6.4.1) to provide LAN addresses beginning at

I have a LAN-based server located at that I’d like to access from the outside WAN and presume I’ll need to do some kind of port-forwarding with my fixed IP to point traffic to the server at

Have looked at my Foris and Luci consoles but can’t find either panels or docs for what I want to do.

Is this doable with Turris’s version of OpenWRT?

If so, are there docs available somewhere to help me accomplish remote access?

Should be in LuCI > Network > Firewall > Port Forwards

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