How to view Survey data?


I have enabled Sentinel Survey, but I cannot find it anywhere on How to view the data that is being sent?

Hi, this data is currently used only for internal purposes. It helps our developers to improve work with packages. We are discussing how/where/when to present it publicly but there isn’t yet any exact plan.

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Ok, but can I view the data sent from my own device? I guess it’s some kind of archive on the filesystem?

Found this in the meantime:

def collect_data():
    """Collects various system data and returns them as a dictionary."""
    return {
        "os_version": get_os_version(),
        "enabled_pkglists": get_pkglists(),
        "installed_packages": get_installed_pkgs(),

Is that everything? That would answer my question.

Yes, it’s everything. The given package turris-survey (this one is for Omnia but other devices have very similar ones) contains a precompiled version of this Python script but you can check also its source package.

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