How to view Suricata alerts and configuration in command line or GUI

I wanted to learn more about the suricata set up and wasn’t sure if there were any built in commands or wiki info on how to view, configure and review any kind of suricata alerts

Also is there any more in depth articles on the built in commands to manage the device via ssh? I’d like to install the update command but I tried opkg install update and opkg search update but nothing came back

Thanks in advance

Did you peruse


Because that command is non-existent.

So I was able to find it by updating my package list and then install it

Found what - the update command?

the locate and updatedb commands weren’t available from my list of software I can install via opkg but yes, I did update list which refresh the list of packages I could install and was then able to find it

it was not clear from your initial post that you were looking for those. Glad that you got it sorted then.