How to Use Turris Omnia to Limit People's Internet Usage

In the hotel we want to limit the traffic of guests wifi devices. Also we would like to “block” sites like Netflix, Hulu etc. Can this be done using Turris. Help would be highly appreciated.

traffic shaping can be done using HTB in-kernel-shaper

You will create new “interface” in LuCI then Its possible using SQM script for the limit the traffic and packages kmod-ipt-filter iptables-mod-filter that you will use to filter domain request for site like Netflix in firewall. On google there are lots of examples to do for example on openwrt wiki.

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Although guests use wifi, I want the router (no wifi) to do the work. Can I put the omnia between the satelite modem and the Apple TimeCapsule.

This example of a guest WLAN can the recipe be used for a different port?