How to use a Mox Power Wifi Remotely

I have a Turris Omnia and a Mox Power Wifi (essentially – I got all the Mox A ad B parts including the wifi add-ons) and I am using the Mox as an AP. I have netbooted the Mox and it works fine when connected by ethernet to the Omnia, but my understanding from the advertising of the Mox module is that a Power Wifi can be used to make a completely wireless network.

What steps should I take to set up the Mox so that it can work as a remote AP?

Hi, try to look at :

I have my MOX configured as a WiFi to LAN bridge, but not accesible now, so I can post my config later if you would like … You have to set 1 WiFi card ( probably SDIO ) as a client to your WiFi network and the second WiFi as an AP