How to update to 3.8 version?

I see message in foris.
Error from 2017/09/01 00:37:35
Updater failed:
bad value: Malformed URI 3.8

Device Turris Omnia - RTROM01
Turris OS version 3.7.4
Kernel version 4.4.79-967673b9d511e4292e3bcb76c9e064bc

don’t worry about it.

3.8 wasn’t released outside of RC branch, yet.
3.7.5 should fix your error according to this post:

(source Github)

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@Pepe, the new little fix version of TurrisOS (3.7.5) will be due to this?

Yeah. I can see that, too. But in changelog is something different:

(In their notes it means that they fixed OP’s bug)

and I also checked:
and couldn’t find anything related so I think we will see. :slight_smile:

It’s bad that they didn’t also release what’s new in updater and you can see only this:

Can you describe what are you trying to do? Are you trying to update to Turris OS 3.8? Have you switched to rc branch? Please give us more info. This is not definitely something I know about. So this is not something I fixed.

OpenWRT repository doesn’t contain changelogs of software it self. Those can be found in related repositories. So you should look to updater’s repository. See changelog in version tag:

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I did not do anything but just saw a message “Home page->messages”

And I am pretty sure that you did something like this:

root@turris:~# 3.8
line not found
line not found
line not found
line not found
bad value: Malformed URI 3.8
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Would some one discribe how to update to 3.8 for a newbe.


And what about the deploy version of TurrisOS 3.8?
I think … all tests of RC version are finished. Or not?

Thanks RadoslavCap for this usefull link