How to Track Bandwidth?

I bought a Turris Omnia router way back when the original Indiegogo campaign started with, as I recall, the specific purpose of tracking my bandwidth. I live in northern Canada and our only provider has very low bandwidth caps and very expensive penalty fees for going over. I need to identify which devices are over-using bandwidth.

Now that I have the device, though, I can’t figure out how to measure and track my bandwidth (I’m trying to figure out which device is the culprit in terms of over-using bandwidth, for example).

Is this capability built into the device out of the box, or is it a capability that I have to somehow add? Any help is very appreciated.

What about Majordomo:

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yes! Majordomo does exactly what you want!

Just install the package under “software”. search for it and install. Should work just like that. The easiest package ever.


Is there a canned method to graphing this data?

sory for necro this older thread but anybody have idea how can monitoring bandwitch more userfriendly with graph?

Majordomo is great tool but not provide this

you better try this one

oh thank you I totaly miss this

Think it’s possible for them to ever implement this into turris os?

YAMon runs with Turris (in addition to DD-WRT, OpenWrt and other common *WRT firmware variants). I’ve recently added a Turris option in the setup script so that I can now add any necessary Turris specific settings (or features). More info is available at\