How to setup L2TP VPN client with split tunneling?

Just received my omnia. Pretty new to open WRT and linux so not really sure how to set it up.

I need to setup the omnia to connect via L2TP VPN to my employer. I also need the L2TP setup with split tunneling so only the work subnets get routed through the VPN, and all other traffic goes straight to internet.

Any one have any tutorials, or advice on how to get this setup?


My advice, set up a LXC container with softether. There’s some documentation at and more at softether’s site itself

Thanks scottjl, that document shows how to setup the omnia as a L2tp VPN server. That’s not what I need. I need to set it up as L2TP VPN Client so it can connect to a remote L2TP VPN server. I also need to configure it so it only sends traffic for certain subnets through that vpn tunnel.

you might want to take a look at softether’s site itself. it can act as a client to do exactly what you want, you just need to configure it to do so. the turris documentation will help you get it installed since it isn’t a native openwrt package.