How to set-up a bridge properly?

I need to connect two rooms wirelessly. There would be wired clients connected to “the box” in both rooms (one of them being omnia - as “Master box” with DHCP and all the stuff). Bought another router (Netis) and switched it to bridge mode, but it’s constantly giving me trouble (wifi not being reliable, fights over address in lan, clients in Netis not being reachable from Omnia Wifi until Netis’ reboot, etc.) - anything in particular I need to set on Omnia apart from assigning static IP to the Netis? I imagined Netis just being invisible and following Omnia commands :). Or any other applicable solution without drilling into walls? Thanks.

I think this is a generic problem with Wireless bridging, which tends to cause a lot of troubles. In OpenWRT, it is implemented as 4-address mode. Same mode has to be supported by the other device.

Much reliable solution would be to enable routing on the Netis box and have a different subnet behind it. Then you just install a static route from Omnia and everything should work normally (except protocols that only work in the same subnet like Bonjour or Chromecast).

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Thanks, I’ll think about that option.