How to reproduce VLAN config on turris OS 5.0

I configured a Pi-Hole v5 container on my Qnap Nas, i have never activated the DHCP service on Pi-Hole but somehow Turris Omnia detected that another DHCP service on the LAN was active and shut down itself.
This issue seems to be well known here.

I was running Turris OS 3.x back then and since i was forced to reset my router to repair my dhcp service, i updated it to Turris OS 5.x not thinking much about it.

Update process went fine, (i used the Reset Procedure with medkit from flahdrive) and ended up with TurrisOS 5.0.2. For some time i could only log on to Lucy, Forris wasn’t available anymore, i tried again just now to check if it was still the case and it finally reappeared, so that’s one problem solved at least.

Aniway, i can’t set the vlan configuration i had with Turris OS 3.X the vlan allowed me to get rid of my ISP mandatory router and to use only the Omnia instead.

Now i have to use the ISP router in bridge mode, it’s a waste of energy and a rollback in terms of functionnality to me.
I’m just too dumb to understand how to do it by myself, i read there that it is possible after all to manage vlan with DSA and Turris OS 5.x

I just want to reproduce this simple thing:
Untagged Vlan 836 on port 4 et 6

interface wan eth1.836

How can i do it ?
Is there someone who can document it for dummies to do it properly on TurrisOS V5 please ?

Thanks for reading

So you want a bridge of network WAN between WAN Port with vid 836 and LAN Port 4 untagged? Port 6 of switch chip is just second connection to CPU, eth0 and eth1 are connected to Port 5 and 6 of the switch chip.

First of all, naming of network interfaces has changed in TOS5: Interface eth1 (WAN Port) is now eth2.

To set up the bridge: Remove LAN4 from lan bridge (LuCI -> network -> interfaces -> lan). Then activate „bridge interfaces“ for wan and add interface LAN4 to wan bridge (leave eth2.836 selected, too). This should do the job as it sets up a software bridge between eth2.836 and LAN4 and sets up vid and pvid automatically. If traffic on LAN4 should be tagged, too, you would have to add „LAN4.836“.

If I remember correctly Turris Team patched the network stack so that LAN4 traffic is statically routed through Port 6 (eth1?) to CPU, which happens „under the hood“.

Thank you very much, i’ll put back the damn isp router in his box immediately !

Does anyone know if the DHCP automatic shut down in case of detection of another service is always the rule with TurrisOS 5.X these days ?

It seems that there is now an ad-filter service embedded with the Omnia OS, i wonder if something like Pi-Hole have still an added value.

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You‘re welcome :).


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Once again you have an answer for me !
I’m glad that i have posted my question here, have a nice day.