How to replace @factory snapshot

Hi, I am wondering if someone is more experienced with BTRFS and know how to replace the @factory snapshot. Thx!

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There is a command: schnapps import -f <path for image>, which imports a image of Turris OS in factory snapshot.

Then you can use this command to rollback to factory via schnapps: schnapps rollback factory


??? and what 4 LED

4 LED reset only rewrite subvolume @(current root) from USB flash disk or microSD card TurrisOS medkit image

Are you sure? The code for the reflash routine (4-LED mode) seems to imply otherwise

$BIN_BTRFS subvolume snapshot "${FS_MOUNTPOINT}/@" "${FS_MOUNTPOINT}/@factory"

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I think correctly ? Question is … know how to replace the @factory snapshot. Thx!

  1. Yes, 4LED rewrite faktory firmware …

  2. … but schnapps import … import one of more image and i can use it. Faktory firmware “stays 10 years old” how it was purchased in vers. 3.11.??

@JardaB When you reflash with 4 leds it replaces all filesystem so factory as well so it’s not 10 years old. What I want is to save my current known working snapshot as factory. When I have some time I will try export to archive and then try importing. But I am quite sure it just adds new snapshot with the imported archive not replaces @factory.

looks like that the (special | undcouemented) -f handle added to schnapps import achieves the replacement of the factory image.


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