How to remove Turris Mox interlocking panels to modify module config?

Got my core Mox after much waiting with some other modules, yay~! Unfortunately the manual referenced on the paper ( doesn’t say how to safely remove the panels that lock the modules together. Looking at the manuals meta ( there doesn’t seem to be anything either.

How does one safely remove the top/bottom panels to change up the module configuration? A video would probably be best, although maybe a crude drawing would also suffice?

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It’s already been discussed here, but maybe only in Czech. I’d suggest a wiki page for this. The best way is to first remove the front panel (with holes for e.g. USB connector) - this one goes off easily just using your fingers. The rest can be removed using something you push under the panels and lift them up (e.g. a blade, a screwdriver etc.). Beware when removing the sides (with the little holes) - on of them has wifi antennas glued to it, so take care to not tear them off.


Yeah, technically there was this: Disassembly guide
However, it only covers removing the flap for the SD card, not the panels. I ended up using a pocket knife, although the plate plastic inevitably got dinged slightly. Yeah, the antenna placement is not the best given this is supposed to be a modular router… I’m not sure whey they would tape them to the parts that get moved around when updating the module setup.

Based on what other people seem to be experiencing, I seem to be in a similar boat of having HW failure given the lack of new DHCP lease. Time to see if I can join the efforts in another thread to resolve.