How to reach Mox cloud over internet (mox just as client)

Finally I got my MOX Cloud with Nextcloud running (but it feels as slow or slower than the Nextcloud on my hosted webspace…:slightly_frowning_face:).

The Mox isn’t set up as router, just as client - and I want to access the Nextcloud not only from my home network but from internet as well.
But I had no success so far. Is there anything that needs to be configured on the Max System/foris to reach it from the Internet?

My Router is a Fritz.Box 7590 (and I need this as Router cause of my telephone). So dyndns and port forwarding are needed as far as I understand, but I cant reach the Nextcloud from external. According to a friend the Fritz.Box seems to be set up correctly including the ports (butvthat may also be wrong), but I think I need to configure something on the MOX. Is that true - an if yes what should be done?

as a simple (reverse) debugging step you could run a traceroute from a foreign WAN node to your Mox cloud. That likely would indicate the point where packets are not getting through.